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From bedrooms in Bologna to beachfront cabanas in Cuba, vacationers can choose from more hospitality options than ever before. As a consequence, renters have never had such a broad and intricate range of issues to deal with. Enter Europ Assistance’s vacation rental solutions, appreciated around the world because they offer numerous advantages for both people traveling abroad and renting spaces to stay in, as well as for those providing these spaces, from single rooms to giant vacation complexes. Here’s a look at the kinds of products and services we’ve been offering this bustling market for over three decades.



We provide full service vacation rental damage protection and travel insurance designed to help our partners generate ancillary revenue and improve guest satisfaction. All of our vacation rental property insurance programs integrate easily with today’s top software platforms, and we make sure you know how to use them, providing comprehensive training and marketing solutions at no extra cost. We protect against standard cancellations, as well as certain weather-related events or emergencies that can cause guests to be delayed or leave early. Our vacation rental protection plans allow our clients to safeguard their business through cancellation penalties, while providing renters an attractive, cost-saving alternative to standard security deposits. We even offer baggage loss or delay coverage as an extra means for protecting travelers.


Renters can benefit from our vast repair and service networks, putting expert repairmen and women, plumbers, electricians and more at your disposal. Our vacation rental damage protection covers both renters and homeowners from additional expenses in the event of accidental damage to the rental property. We even provide clients an opportunity to access our dedicated concierge services, offering a range of special offers, local tips, luxury services and more built around individually-tailored customer profiles.


Our renowned global network of medical professionals is available to travelers in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, with experts ready to provide advice, locate the nearest medical facilities, offer second opinions and more via phone, web and chat. Our insurance solutions and 24/7 multilingual emergency assistance services help protect guests’ vacations, including emergency transportation and medical and dental expenses.

“Our property damage protection has benefits for both owners and renters. Renters find that guests are less hesitant to pay because the costs are lower. It reduces hassle at checkout, provides greater protection and fast claims processing. Guests who use the service avoid credit checks and card holds, helping keep vacation spending under control. The process is simpler for them and they can relax completely knowing their vacation is in safe hands.” Francine Abgrall HEAD OF TRAVEL PRODUCT LINE, EUROP ASSISTANCE

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