Today the whole world is on the move, and the highly competitive airline market requires individual carriers to do more than just fly people from one place to the next. The experience people have with an airline – from booking via personal computer to checking luggage to walking out the door at their destination – can make all the difference for increasing customer loyalty and building business. Here is a look at the kinds of products and services we offer airlines that want to build productive, long- lasting relationships with their passengers…



Our extensive travel  assistance  network  comes  in handy for people who are often on the move,  allowing us to provide a reliable digital experience for customers in difficulty in a foreign country so  that they can get the help – from baggage tracking to assistance with flight cancellation and more – they need, when and where they need it. We carefully tailor our products to individual customer needs, creating added value for airlines by providing opportunities for extra revenue at every step of the booking process. 


High-level airline loyalty programs are a key segment of our offering, allowing us to use our innovative technologies and global capacity to deliver products and services to passengers no matter where they’re flying. Our detailed customer  profiles  allow  airlines to customize offerings to each individual, providing white label  services,  utilizing  our medical  and  travel networks to provide in loco services, supply supplemental travel insurance and more. Our goal is to use our knowledge of the customer to help airlines boost retention and loyalty.

“The key for us is showing airlines how the high quality of products and services we provide translates to a high quality customer journey. In a brutally competitive market like air travel, a happy, satisfied customer is a customer who will return, and that kind of loyalty has tangible value for our clients.” Francine Abgrall HEAD OF TRAVEL PRODUCT LINE, EUROP ASSISTANCE

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