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You move, We care: from roadside assistance to mobility services. With services ranging from emergency assistance to recurring care of the vehicle lifecycle and customer mobility, Europ Assistance brings high value for motorists and people on the move delivering digitally powered and innovation driven mobility solutions

New consumer expectations

The automotive industry and the mobility sector are being disrupted by major trends including vehicle electrification, usage of cars rather than ownership and the rise of micro-mobility. Europ Assistance keeps an eye to this changing world to adjust and adapt its range of services to new customers expectations.

Vehicle electrification

With the rise of electrified vehicles on the road, whether hybrid ones or full battery EV, Europ Assistance has set up robust experience in terms of training, procedures, real-life cases and situations for Electrical Vehicles assistance.

Mobility as a Service

Though cars are still predominantly used, consumers are more and more keen on using shared mobility and other means of transport. That is the reason why Europ Assistance is focusing on bringing solutions and services that brings support and relief to people on the move whatever the transport they use.   


With usage of micro-mobility booming in many regions, we make sure to deliver assistance to bike and e-bikes owners whatever the situation they may face as well as to users of other transportation means like electric scooter, monowheels, segways…

Technology and innovation

Europ Assistance has unique experience in developing new-generation digital access points for customers leveraging on latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Chat GPT…


As market leader in the deployment of end-to-end digital roadside assistance provision, available across multiple channels, Europ Assistance takes into account customers feedback and Net Promoter Score to continuously innovate and develop new features.

Artificial Intelligence

Europ Assistance improves its service delivery using a wide range of technologies, from Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence, with automated processes that allow to qualify and provide better, faster more accurate services according to customer needs.

In-car connectivity

Investing in technology to adapt latest market trends, Europ Assistance has deployed its telematics platforms that allows to delivers in-car connectivity services such as breakdown call (b-call) where car geolocation and fault codes transmission enhance our roadside assistance delivery.

Digital is an integral part of Europ Assistance's DNA maximizing availability

We are constantly raising the bar for motor assistance industry by developing and improving digital capabilities. We had been among the first to secure a fully end-to-end digital process. The benefits for a customer? You can do everything on your own, with your phone, geo-localize the towing truck and have the best & seamless experience.

Our partners come from various mobility and financial industry segments such as

Digital roadside assistance
by Europ Assistance

A modern, simpler and faster customer experience. Digital Roadside Assistance provides drivers with a superior customer experience through

Mobility Barometer

Discover Europ Assistance Auto & Mobility Barometer.  The survey was conducted by Ipsos, a global market research firm, among 6,000 people across 6 countries in Europe: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain. It tracks Europeans mobility habits

Our network

Introducing our powerful global network of automotive and mobility partners, spanning across the world to provide efficient care and support motorists and their passengers

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Our mission & vision

“We are here to bring our customers from distress to relief, anytime, anywhere. We help our customers to solve difficult or stressful situations. Our vision is to be the most reliable care company in the world”

Antoine Parisi, Europ Assistance Group CEO

Latest news about Mobility

March 27, 2024
European Mobility becomes more and more electrified : growing popularity of electric bikes, while the consideration for EV stays high
March 28, 2023
The Moveasy mobility platform, founded and developed in 2020 by Mobly and Europ Assistance, was one of the first mobile applications allowing businesses to let their customers or employees choose from a range of alternative means of transport. Moveasy is now definitively taken over by Europ Assistance.
February 21, 2023
Europeans reshape their mobility habits, between economic and environmental concerns
July 21, 2020
Europ Assistance today announced the global findings of their Future of Travel survey conducted by Ipsos which surveyed 11,000 travelers across 11 countries around the world between June 5th and June 26th. While Covid-19 has had a major impact on the travel, the overwhelming majority (81 percent) of those surveyed indicated they would be interested in taking a trip in 2020, however only 35 percent of respondents from the 11 countries claimed to have already booked for the months of July and August or to be planning to do so.

Mobility experts

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Jean-Christophe Coron – Auto Partnership Manager

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→ Discover some of the most extraordinary medical and human adventures from the past few years, brought to you by the incredible team at Europ Assistance. These experiences embody our commitment to providing exceptional care and inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare.

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