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Introducing Europ Assistance’s advanced Cyber Protection solutions, designed to grant you the reassurance and tranquility essential for a worry-free online experience, allowing you to relish the vast possibilities of the Internet without any concerns. Explore Europ Assistance’s Cyber Protection for worry-free online experiences. Stay safe online with our advanced solutions

Cybercrime is a growing concern throughout the world…

0 %
consumers spending more time online than before Covid-19 crisis
+ 0 %
increase in phishing attacks in Q1 2020
0 %
being themselves or 
knowing someone close being victim of a cybercrime
0 %
consumers are 
worried about cybercrime

More protection

Consumers now feel the need for additional protection


have a positive opinion
of cyber protection solutions


consumers willing to pay 5-10€ / month for cyber protection solutions


consider financial institutions credible to distribute a cyber protection service 

Our value proposition to our partners

20 years of experience in the USA
have positioned Europ Assistance as a leading distributor of Cyber protection solution
A unique technological solution
to fight against cybercrime and preserve people’s identity, personal data and peace of mind
High added value support services
leveraging on our assistance expertise worldwide
to better serve your end customers
In 2023, Europ Assistance was elected Security Software Company of the Year

Iris Powered by Generali is part of Europ Assistance

Meet Hugo Koenig
Head of Cyber Protection of Europ Assistance Group

A comprehensive set of solutions

available for our partners in a modular approach

Personal data monitoring

Public / deep / dark web monitoring, dynamic risk dashboard, and alerting in case of suspicious activity

Device protection

Advanced protection software to protect online activities: anti-phishing, anti-spyware, anti-ransomware… for desktop devices and smartphone (Android & iOS)

Educational material

Articles, videos, infographics… to raise awareness among users and foster safe behavior in the digital life

Direct economic losses due to ID theft

Cost of rectifying records with banks/authorities, unpaid leave for the time off work to meet with banks/authorities

Legal defense cost

Cost of legal actions in case of cybercrime

Online shopping dispute​

Theft or damaged goods purchased online

Online banking / credit card fraud​

Cost of blocking and reissuing payment cards, bank deductible…

24/7 cyber assistance​

Level one support

Expert IT assistance

Remote resolution services (e.g. malware cleaning)

Data recovery​

Remote support or hard drive sent to a specialize services center

Online reputation management​

Expert services to remove defamatory content

Legal support​

Phone consulting and/or referral

Psychological support​

Phone consulting and/or referral

An innovative set of solutions

to prevent cyber risks and fraud

Cyber Protection Experts

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Hugo Koenig – Group Head of Business Development & Marketing
Cyber Protection

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Our mission & vision

“We are here to bring our customers from distress to relief, anytime, anywhere. We help our customers to solve difficult or stressful situations. Our vision is to be the most reliable care company in the world”

Antoine Parisi, Europ Assistance Group CEO

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