Europ Assistance

The way we work shapes the way we care​

To achieve our vision, to be the most reliable care company in the world, we all, as Europ Assistance employees need to live our motto “You Live, We Care” every day. We need to Care every day.

We Care is about being


creating proximity and empathy with our customers and our people.


allowing our customers to reach us anywhere and whenever they need us.


allowing our customers to reach us anywhere and whenever they need us. 

Easy to work with

being simple and efficient to simplify our customers’ lives.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct, inherited from the Generali Group, is our guide to doing the right thing. Our Code sets ethical expectations of everybody working for, or on behalf of, Generali all around the world.

Having a common set of Values and clear ethical expectations in our Code helps us to make choices in a consistent way and enables our workplace to continue to be an environment where frankness, openness and candour can be relied upon. When anyone is faced with an ethical dilemma, our Values and our Code will guide them.

Our managers are expected to be role models for our Code and to make their teams feel comfortable asking questions about whether certain behavior or business proposals are in line with our Values and the principles of our Code. In addition, online and instructor led training programs coupled with a comprehensive communications program ensure that all our employees are fully aware of the importance of our Code and their responsibilities to speak up if they have any concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to voice concerns or ask for clarification on any aspect of our Code. To facilitate this we have both local and Group level reporting channels available for people to report any concerns in all of the countries we operate in (including Confidentiality is guaranteed and we have zero tolerance for any form of retaliation.

Learn more about our process on managing reported concerns here.



As set forth in the 2088 EU regulation , art. 5: “Financial market participants and financial advisers shall include in their remuneration policies information on how those policies are consistent with the integration of sustainability risks, and shall publish that information on their websites”.

  • Europ Assistance is part of the Generali Group.

  • Generali pursues long-term growth, integrating sustainability into the core business and acting as Lifetime Partner to the stakeholders.

  • The sustainability commitments are a pillar of Generali business priorities, fully embedded in the Group remuneration policy and incentives system linked to long term sustainable value creation.

  • The Group Executives incentives system is based on a meritocratic approach and a multi-year framework, with a combination of annual cash variable remuneration and deferred share based variable remuneration, integrating sustainability/ESG* strategic objectives based on Generali’s 2021 and climate strategy goals, already disclosed to the market:

    • at least 20% of top managers annual cash variable remuneration is linked to ESG* goals & KPIs related to specific perspectives: People (eg. Diversity & Inclusion index), Brand & Lifetime Partners (eg. relationship Net Promoter Score) and Sustainability (eg. % green and sustainable investments growth; % green and social products growth, social community development through The Human Safety Net);
    • the deferred share based variable remuneration strengthen the link with long term sustainable value creation.
  • The Group remuneration policy considers the integration of sustainability risks in the investment decision-making processes, containing also specific references to Group internal regulations governing sustainability risks within investment decisions.

  • The continuous improvement of the link between sustainability and remuneration is a primary goal of our Group.

* ESG: Environmental Social Governance

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